The thinnest lightbox in the world!

Poster Power UK are specialists in Electro-Luminescent technology - a new and revolutionary technology. 

Paper thin, durable and incredibly efficient, Electro-Luminescent (EL) lightsheets are light-years ahead of the traditional back lit posters and other inefficient and bulky light source based products currently available.

You can buy EL white light sheets here from just £37.97 - the world's thinnest light box!

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Our prices include the 240v 3-pin power inverter.



Our no-lose, no-quibble guarantee! PLUS - NO VAT!

If you are dissatisfied in any way with your purchase, we will refund you the full amount. Simply return the order to us in the condition in which you received it within 7 days of receipt stating why you were dissatisfied.

Animated posters

Your company can be amongst the first to get ahead with this amazing new technology.


How does it work?
EL is essentially a flat, flexible light bulb. In basic terms, it consists of a sandwich type structure containing two layers of electrodes with a middle layer of phosphor. When an alternating current is applied across these layers the phosphor molecules emit light.

High-quality, high resolution images can easily be printed over the top of this light structure, thus becoming a back-lit sign - except it's even better because it can be animated!

And all of this in a package only .03mm thick (about the thickness of a credit card).

Typical uses:
  • Point-of-sale advertising - fantastic in bars, clubs and shop windows.
  • Outdoor advertising - on bus-shelters, buses, billboards and even cars (click here to read our blog)!
  • Signage - safety and road signs.
  • Merchandise - T-shirts, baseball caps and other corporate accessories.
  • Events lighting - Christmas lights, weddings, parties and corporate events.
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